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Engagement Rings: The Circle of Love

 Engagement rings:

The left finger is believed to be the vein to the heartWhy the Circle of Love is the most important purchase you will ever make…

Engagement rings are said to date back as far as the Egyptians, as they were discovered buried with metal wire around the third finger of their left hands, as we wear the engagement ring today.

The Engagement Ring: The ultimate symbol of love and commitment has become a fashion statement as they have evolved through the ages from a simple adornment to spectacular pieces of craftsmanship using Diamonds & Gemstones to add to the various metals used including 18ct White Gold and Platinum.

In the Ancient past, as mentioned above the Egyptians are the first known to wear engagement rings as they were found buried with wire adornments on their left finger of their left hands.
The Egyptians believed that the third finger on the left hand has the vein to the heart. This was then adopted by the Romans calling it: ‘vena amoris’ – Latin for ‘the vein of love’

 Wikipedia…From the Middle Ages onwards… The mid-7th century Visigothic Code required “that when the ceremony of betrothal has been performed, …, and the ring shall have been given or accepted as a pledge, although nothing may have been committed to writing, the promise shall, under no circumstances, be broken.”[11][12]
The Full history as recorded on Wikipedia can be seen here.

British Royalty have a lovely history of their Engagement Rings, some of which is available at The Royal Order of Satorial Splendor with images from the blog below

THE CIRCLE OF LOVE…. Engagement Rings with Diamonds and Gemstones… the most important commitment you will ever make.

The Circle of Love, today known as the Engagement Ring is available in all shapes, forms and sizes using precious metals such as 9ct & 18ct White or Yellow Gold and Platinum adding diamonds of all sizes, colors, clarity and shapes or other precious gems such as Tanzanite.

Grand Diamonds has over 3,000 products to choose from as well as a ‘design-your-own‘ service with an in-house Jewellery Designer waiting to assist you with the Engagement ring design of your dreams.

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