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8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Propose in Cape Town

1. Table Mountain

Credits: Table Mountain by Greg Lumley

A marriage proposal in the Table Mountain cable car may seem like the quintessentially Cape Town bid, but, in reality, it’s a proposal dream.

In addition to being ontop of this gorgeous mountain,  you might have most spectacular view from cable car and or witness a weather change that Cape Town is famous for.

Alternatively, you might decide to hike it and have this memorable experience.  If you don’t want people around try something a little more relaxed, like Lion’s Head or Signal Hill. An even better idea would be a secluded path a bit out of the way that means something special to you both. Just make sure no one will be coming round the corner to interrupt while you’re down on one knee

2. Day Spa

Yes, I did say happy and relaxed, so what better way to achieve this than to book a day at the spa together?

You might just end up at a spa like this.

You might find a taste for spas and never turn back!  Or, you might be able to plan something special for the evening while you send her to a day spa, or better yet, create your own spa day at home and enjoy a romantic meal.

Photo Credits + Booking info: The Twelve Apostles | Mangwanani Spa | Lush | Spoil Youself

3. At The Movies

What? We aren’t talking a mall, surrounded by frustrated shoppers before or after you pop the question. The movies, unfortunately, can be just that. Don’t propose before or during the latest release of “Zombie’s Attack” – she is likely to get distracted from the movie, just like everyone else in the audience. Get a little more personal and rent a projector and arrange a private screening for her somewhere special. Open-air cinemas are also romantic; try The Galileo open air or GrandDaddy Hotel on Long Street.

Photo Credits + Booking info: The Galileo open air | GrandDaddy Hotel

4. Sunset Boat Cruise

I know, I know, people love boats and sunset is soooo romantic – just look at it!   If you are both into boats then you can hire or hopefully borrow one, giving you the freedom to come back to shore, or sail away into the sunset. Or maybe take to the land instead. You could hire a classic car and go for a drive, or even a motorbike if you’re looking for more of a thrill. This also gives you the added bonus of picking the perfect spot, like a lighthouse or your favourite view.

Photo Credits + Bookings: Motorbikes Yachts

5. Historical Site

Is she a history lover? How about Robben Island for an original idea. She may be thinking what a long time 27 years is, and that she wants to spend them with you.  If it’s the natural beauty you were after, perhaps try Cape Point. There are many private spots and you could even arrange a picnic with her nearest and dearest waiting for you after she says yes.

Photo Credits + Bookings: Cape point | Robben Island

6. Horse Drawn Carriage

You might have to live the rest of your lives with this memory!

If it’s just the horses you want, perhaps try horseback riding on Noordhoek Beach, or on a beautiful Cape Wine Farm. Try a romantic carriage ride. Just make sure she’s into horses, which is something you probably should know in any case if you want her to be your wife.

Photo Credits + Bookings:  Noordhoek horses | Wine farm horses

7. Camping

The outdoorsy type? If not, steer clear. Setting up and taking down a tent can be a hassle if you aren’t sure what you’re doing and the place you pick might be less than ideal. Why not rent a tented campsite or a cute little cabin instead? Beaverlac and Algeria have great places on offer and beautiful pools and walks where you can ask him or her to be the one. Smitswinkel at Cape Point is a great option for something a little closer to the city.

Photo Credit + Booking:  Elgin Hills | Cape Nature | Beaverlac

8. Paragliding

f you two are thrill seekers, a paragliding proposal might be a good idea.

She will have adrenaline coursing through her veins and what excitement on top of a proposal. If you want to do something else exciting in the sky, maybe take a helicopter flip or a hot air balloon ride. Who can compete with that right?

Photo Credit + Contact: Hot Air Balloon | Helicopter Flights


Either way, let’s face it – everyone will hate you for getting engaged in such a beautiful gorgeous city.  And hey, let’s not forget to buy your rings here at