Freak Diamond

According to https://www.rt.com/ this freak diamond is going on sale!  It is a staggering 187.7-carat rough diamond and is called Foxfire, hailed from the Diavik mine!

The article says that the freak diamond, “is to be auctioned this month. It was discovered 220 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle, where big gem-quality diamonds aren’t supposed to be.
The rare stone was unearthed by a British-Australian miner Rio Tinto at its Diavik diamond mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

“It is something extraordinarily rare that has come from North America,” he said.

In search of prospective bidders the gem has been showcased at Kensington Palace in London, New York’s Langham Place Hotel and its next stops are Antwerp and Tel Aviv. Bids will be unsealed on June 1.”  But so far no further news!  We will keep you posted though!

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