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Grand Diamonds Graces Hong Kong

Diamonds Extravaganza Greatly Profits Cape Town Diamond Studio

The city of Hong Kong has been named the world’s contemporary mecca for the exhibition of fine finished jewellery from around the world. Each year, at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair attracts international leaders in fine jewellery trading to present and share their excellent craftsmanship with the public. The event runs from the 18th – the 20th of the month and is an excellent opportunity for professional networking and international sales.

135 000 square metres of jewellery constitute the event; with products organised by category in two separate venues. The Asia-World Expo displays loose diamonds, precious stones, packaging and jewellery-making equipment while the Hong Kong Convention Centre offers up an array of finely finished jewellery pieces. Special events include the Pearl Auction, the Diamond Auction and various conferences and seminars spread out over four days of glitter.

This year Leandro Eckardt, founder of Grand Diamonds South Africa, had the privilege of introducing the Diamond Studio to China. Professional relationships with several international suppliers, carrying stock of more than 10 000 diamonds in different shapes and sizes, were established and the cost benefits to the Grand Diamonds client base successfully guaranteed.

Some of the world’s most priceless diamonds and gems were on display over the fourday fair and the opportunity to witness these gems was invaluable to the Cape Town based diamond studio. Grand Diamonds looks forward to the 2016 event and will focus its energy on the South African market and the satisfaction of its local customers until this wonderful opportunity arises again.

Why Exhibit diamonds at the September Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair? 

Tens of thousands of the leading international jewellery traders participate in this prestigious event each year and a professional environment, which caters for a 70% market of overseas buyers, encourages delegation, networking, the formation of professional relationships and enhanced profitability for participating companies.

It also takes place conveniently close to the festive season, allowing the perfect window for buyers to stock up on new products before their holidays kick off.

Don’t miss out on Grand Diamonds‘ brand new diamond range, coming to you over Christmas.