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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond by Grand Diamonds

The most popular of all diamond cuts accounting for more than half of all diamonds sold. The Round diamond boasts more brilliance and fire than any other cut.


Princess Cut Diamond by Grand Diamonds

If you’re looking for a rectangular or square-shaped diamond, the princess cut disperses more light than any other. As a result, a popular choice for engagement rings.


Cushion Cut Diamond by Grand Diamonds

By combining a square cut with rounded corners diamond cutters create a diamond-shaped much like a pillow or cushion. This cut is perfect for traditional ring settings.


Oval Cut Diamond by Grand diamonds

Oval cut  loose  diamonds  create  the  illusion  of  a  larger  size  stone,  whilst the  slender  shape  creates  a  desirous  effect  of  longer  and  slightly   slimmer  finger  lines.


Pear Cut Diamond by Grand Diamonds

A combination cut between a marquise shape and a round diamond, pear-shaped diamonds are perfect for dangle earrings as well as solitaire rings.


Heart Cut Diamond

An unmistakable symbol of love, heart-shaped loose diamonds are popular choices for solitaire pendants and rings and look best above .50 carats.


Marquise Cut Diamond by Grand Diamonds

The modified brilliant-cut boasts one of the largest crown surfaces of any diamond, maximising the perceived size and creating a slender appeal.


Emerald Cut Diamond

The uniqueness of emerald cut diamonds causes a dramatic effect due to the long, narrow facets creating a chic and elegant look, the most sought-after step-cut.

Diamond Grading

Loose diamond certification and grading is based on the ``Four Cs`` of diamond attributes or qualities. The better the combination of these factors, the more valuable the diamond.


Clarity is a measure of the purity and rarity of the stone. The clarity of a diamond relates to the number of surface defects that exist called blemishes, combined with the internal characteristics called inclusions. Inclusions are liquids, solids or gases trapped in the mineral as it is formed.


Carat is a measurement unit of mass and refers to the size of the diamond, this is sometimes referred to as the metric carat.

Carat size is divisible by 100 points of two milligrams each. A paragon is a flawless stone of at least 100 carats.


In a perfect world a diamond would have no colour,

but in reality chemical impurities or structural defects exist and affect colour. Diamonds occur in a variety of colours including white, blue, steel gray, orange, pink green and red.


   The cut of a diamond should not be confused with the shape.

The cut refers to the proportioning, polish and symmetry. At Grand Diamonds we only purchase loose certified diamonds from South Africa’s leading diamond cutters.

Coloured Diamonds

Available on request. Please contact us for pricing and availability.


Available on request. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Certified Loose Diamonds

Every diamond sold on Grand Diamonds is GIA certified and laser inscribed.

The certification number is engraved on each diamond for your peace of mind.

Best Diamond Prices

At Grand Diamonds we buy directly from the diamond cutters and pass the savings on to you. We will match or beat any written quote for an exact match diamond. We are able to provide you with any Diamond Shape, Diamond Cut, Diamond Carat or Diamond Clarity.

For more information regarding our loose diamond certification or sales process,  contact us and an experienced diamond dealer will be happy to assist you.

At Grand Diamonds we pride ourselves on our knowledge, service and overall customer satisfaction.